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All orders must have an invoice issued, which states that Cakesty has acknowledge customer's request. Once deposit has been received, that in turns confirms that customer has accepted our terms and conditions and does not contest the details for the order. Changes to any order can be made a week before order is due. 


There is a 30% Deposit required for all orders, NO EXCEPTIONS. Deposits are non-refundable and are applied to the balance of the order. Deposits aredue a month before date of event and balance should be paid in full on or before event date.


If at any time the order is to be cancelled before or on event date by customer, the deposit will not be refunded unless deemed necessary by Cakesty. It will be at the discretion of Cakesty, not customer. If cancelled by Cakesty, all deposit will be refunded.


Orders picked up by customer becomes the sole responsibility of customer to ensure that order is transported with care. We will not assume liability if any damage occurs, for we will ensure order is transportable to and from pick up location.

Cakesty takes full responsibility for orders delivered and we will do our best to work towards resolving any issues that may arise.


All pickups have a 15-minute window to be picked up after stated pick up time. Otherwise, an additional $20 will be due at time of pickup.


Setup for events requires an additional $50 charge, which includes placement (displaying) of items ordered if customer does not have anyone or himself/herself to do so.

Note: All cakes are chilled upon delivery/pickup unless otherwise stated by customer. 

Payment methods:

  • Cash/Check (accepted only when order is delivered or picked up, NOT FOR DEPOSITS)

  • Paypal

  • Venmo:@cakesty-texas

  • Cash app: @cakestymckinney

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